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Earth Smarts

An open framework for socioenvironmental literacy

This website describes earth smarts, or socioenvironmental literacy, an education-friendly framework that describes the qualities we need to justly maintain or improve our quality of life in a changing world. Think of it as a kind of street smarts writ large, something that will help us thrive in challenging times.

What qualities do we need to improve our wellbeing? Our world is changing rapidly, so individuals and communities will have to adapt to remain happy and healthy. But living in cities makes it harder for us to understand the connections to natural systems that we rely on. Do you know where your water and energy really come from?

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Our ancestors sure did - they relied on ecological knowledge for survival. We are losing that knowledge at an unprecedented rate, and although our education systems could help, they haven't been doing a very good job. Earth smarts provides a framework that educators, researchers and policy makers can all benefit from. Earth smarts is an educational construct that is:

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